AsiaEurope Football Consultancy (AsiaEurope FC) offers a portfolio of services to all forms of football organisations and individuals, including governing bodies, clubs, charitable foundations, agents and players.

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“Football is a passion, an international language, and a way of life”.

Majid Lavji – AsiaEurope FC

Football Consultancy

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy covers the full range of professional football services as well as a general football business consultancy.

AsiaEurope FC is headed by Majid Lavji who has a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience of the football industry in Asia, Europe and Africa.

We are engaged in a number of areas across the globe from football academies to marketing football clubs to arranging international football matches.

Mission Statement

“To unite cultures through football and sportsmanship to promote an international language that overcomes racial, cultural and linguistic barriers, that develops talent and strengthens capacity in the sports arena”.

Asia Europe FC

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy has expanded year-on-year since it established. We have experienced consultants throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Far East.

Our consultants are experienced and qualified from relevant backgrounds with sound and proven management practice.

United across the globe, our team of experienced consultants work across time zones, speaking many different languages, who understand the needs of their clients at a local level.

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Watergate Building
Crane Wharf
New Crane Street
Chester, CH1 4JE

AsiaEurope FC Logo reflects the heritage and cultural diversity of the brand. The Liver Birds reflects our beginnings and influence from Liverpool City where we started our business.
The Taj Mahal on top of the logo reflects our Asian Cultural heritage, these two iconic symbols represents the beginnings of AsiaEurope.

The Logo was designed by Majid Lavji and brought to life by Gud Design on Merseyside.

The Logo lends well to our mission statement of “Uniting Cultures through Sport and Business”.