PR & Communications

The beautiful game has a vast and passionate global audience. A football brand needs to deliver their brand experience in a way that the football fan identifies with across multiple channels to any age and culture.

Public relations planning and communications and crisis management strategies are often over-looked until it is too late. What many football rights holders do not understand is that negative press can have an adverse reaction to the brand and bottom-line, and dependent upon the depth and seriousness of the issue(s), may never recover.

This is fact in the football industry, where negative headlines dominate the sports and business pages, whether it is related to corruption charges indicting administration officials, betting-scandals involving referees, alcohol and drug-related infractions from players or fan hooliganism.

No stakeholder in the football hierarchy is immune to negative press and the subsequent fall-out.

Working with brands, governing bodies and sponsors, our campaigns combine media relations, digital marketing, launch events, brand experience, talent appearances and grassroots campaigns, all leading to a demonstrable change in consumer awareness, attitude and behaviour.

Our team have access to major markets and understand the multi-cultural market place.

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AsiaEurope FC Logo reflects the heritage and cultural diversity of the brand. The Liver Birds reflects our beginnings and influence from Liverpool City where we started our business.
The Taj Mahal on top of the logo reflects our Asian Cultural heritage, these two iconic symbols represents the beginnings of AsiaEurope.

The Logo was designed by Majid Lavji and brought to life by Gud Design on Merseyside.

The Logo lends well to our mission statement of “Uniting Cultures through Sport and Business”.