AsiaEurope Football Consultancy is an International Sports Consultancy concentrating mainly on the beautiful game.

AsiaEurope Football Consultancy has expanded year-on-year since it established. We have experienced consultants throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Far East. Our consultants are experienced and qualified from relevant backgrounds with sound and proven management practice. United across the globe, our team of experienced consultants work across time zones, speaking many different languages, who understand the needs of their clients at a local level..

    A client’s business is of paramount importance to everyone at AsiaEurope Football Consultancy which we reflect in our attention to detail, integrity and discretion whatever the nature of our assignment.

    AsiaEurope Football Consultancy now covers a wide range of activities from:

    • Player Management

      Our services span every aspect of a footballer’s life and we perform our roles with precision and total professionalism. Our team of agents and consultants are committed to maximising our footballers’ careers both on and off the pitch.

    • Football Festivals

      Our experienced and hands-on events team have organised various high-profile sporting events throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

    • Football Academies

      We have the experienced consultants who have set up Academies across the world.

    • Football Tours 

      Worldwide Tournament , Event Planning, and Project Management. Our team can organise national club football and International friendlies and pre-season games and festivals.

    • Football Degree Programmes

      We have set up educational sporting programmes with a major university and can advise on setting up similar programmes and partnerships with Higher Education Institutions.

    • Marketing

      We can assist in marketing the teams and players across the globe.

    • Exclusive and confidential contact with European Teams

      We have built up over the years excellent links with established European Teams.

    • Media Agreements

      We can arrange media agreements between clubs and territories our consultants have worked on some of the biggest deals in World Football.

    • Club branding and marketing and public relations opportunities

      We have assisted clubs in marketing and branding to Asian and overseas markets

    • Commercial and legal advice to Clubs and Players

      We have a special panel of lawyers from across the globe that work within the sports industry and can assist on any sporting legal issues.

    • Access to qualified and licensed USA and European and Asian Coaches

      We have our own licensed coaches available on all our football programmes

    • Exclusive Tours to watch Premier League and La Liga matches with celebrity hospitality and Stadium tours

    • Multi Media and Language Web Platforms and Social Media Management

      AsiaEurope Football Consultancy also advises professional football clubs on new football markets.

      Contact AsiaEurope FC to discuss your projects.

    AsiaEurope FC Logo reflects the heritage and cultural diversity of the brand. The Liver Birds reflects our beginnings and influence from Liverpool City where we started our business.
    The Taj Mahal on top of the logo reflects our Asian Cultural heritage, these two iconic symbols represents the beginnings of AsiaEurope.

    The Logo was designed by Majid Lavji and brought to life by Gud Design on Merseyside.

    The Logo lends well to our mission statement of “Uniting Cultures through Sport and Business”.